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How Could A Deceased Person Have A Name?

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I'm New And I Fucking Despize Rap So Much

Hey all fellow rap haters!! My name is Kevin or Pinchy (my nickname) and I am twelve years old. I think rap is the worst shit I have ever heard in my whole life. I go to a school that is infested with all rock haters and rap lovers, and I am the only rap hater and rock lover. I hate it so much!!! I wish all rap lovers and rock haters will all fucking die. Except some of my friends that like rap (hey, they are the only guys I can be friends with). So, what can I say about rap? Hmmm....aggravating, bad, crap, depraved, everlasting stupidity, fucked up, gay, heartless, ill, jokes, krap (dunno what else I could say), lame, monstrous, non-entertaining, old, pathetic, quick speaking makes it hardly understanding, rotten, stupid, time wasting, uncool, very bad, waste of time, xylophone, you people who like it are retarded, and ztoopid (dunno) all morning, all night, all day long! Let's just put it this way, IT FUCKING SUCKS. This entry is dedicated to all the rock haters and rap lovers at my school. This is what you get. Fuckers. At least I have you people to understand my pain. Oh, and my favorite bands are Hatebreed, Lamb of God, and Slipknot. You people can see my journal. See you rap haters later!!
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