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Woot Woot

I have been super busy lately... 3 locks ins 3 days in a row... ok well at least i have a prom theme, homecoming theme, and state convention theme... definately going to Illinois for National convention!!! Oh and i also went to the good charlotte / simple plan concert at the hard rock live in orlando fl.!!! it fucking rocked!!!! IT WAS SO MUCH FUCKING FUN!!! oh and if you like punk rock you should defiantely give a listen to Relient K im not sure if i spelled there name right but they are really good!!! "Sadie hawkins dance in my khaki pants" lol thats the only song that has been stuck in my head sicne the concert on tuesday!
Ok well not much else to say right now except I WANNA GO TO THE WARPED TOUR SO FUCKING BAD!!!
Much love everyone! Ashley!
(Yes stacy i used more !!! get used to it *Laughs an evil laugh*
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